The Other Side of Darkness: A Seinfeld Parody Podcast

Interview with Seinfeld composer Jonathan Wolff

August 14, 2021

Phase One of the podcast continues. For the next several weeks, I'll be sharing conversations with guest stars and crew members from Seinfeld.

This week I'm sharing a conversation I had a while back with Jonathan Wolff, the mind behind Seinfeld's iconic theme. Jonathan also composed music to over 75 other TV shows over his decades-long career, and shared the incredible story of how he created Seinfeld's music to fit each episode uniquely. 

This interview was originally recorded last year for my parenting series, Dadsplaining: A Fatherhood Podcast. My cohost Brandon and I also spoke to Jonathan about his life as a father of five, and balancing his career with his home life. He had a great perspective and a lot of wisdom to share, and I think you're going to really enjoy hearing from him.

I chose to dig this interview out of the vault because Watertower Music has recently released, for the first time ever, the official soundtrack to Seinfeld--including over thirty tunes Wolff composed for the show. You can purchase it on all the major streaming apps, and listen here on Spotify.

This week’s musical guest is Bjear, an artist from southern Australia whose work ranges from cinematic folk to experimental electronic music. Stick around to the end for his song “Dream In Blue.”

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Intro theme by Patrick Edwards

Mid-show themes by Ivar Bowitz

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"Dream In Blue" courtesy of Bjear

Recorded and edited by Jesse Brooks



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