The Other Side of Darkness: A Seinfeld Parody Podcast

Interview with Twin Peaks star, musician and author Alicia Witt

August 5, 2021

Phase One of the podcast continues. For the next several weeks, I'll be sharing conversations with guest stars and crew members from Seinfeld (and this week, Twin Peaks!).


This week I'm talking with Alicia Witt, who starred in both the original run of Twin Peaks and the revival as Gersten Hayward. Alica is also a gifted musician and songwriter, and I had the chance to speak with her about her upcoming fifth studio album The Conduit, as well as her new book Small Changes. Stick around to the end to hear her beautiful new single Chasing Shadows. Alicia is going on tour this fall across the US with stops in New York, LA, Chicago and more, beginning October 1 in Boston. You can find more info at


This week’s musical guest is New York-based musician Language LTD. His new album, LIFE UNDER OCCUPATION, will be released later this year. Listen to the end of the show for our featured track, Here Comes the War Department (Bedroom Eyes version).


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"Here Comes the War Department (Bedroom Eyes version)" courtesy of Language LTD

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