The Other Side of Darkness: A Seinfeld Parody Podcast

The Other Side of Darkness Part 1: The Gift

December 12, 2021

This week, at long last, I am proud to present Part One of The Other Side of Darkness. Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer's journey begins with a mysterious gift, meetings with strangers and a whole lot of ominous dread. There's much more to come after this, so stay tuned.


This week’s musical guest is Twinn, a synth-based group from Detroit. Stay tuned after the interview for their track “Move In.”


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Michael Scudieri as Jerry

Ethan Dragon as George

Beth Mirahver as Elaine

Mike Dowd as Kramer

Drew Grant as Juliette

Ryan Paul as J. Peterman

Ben Murray as Silvio

John Coen as Kruger

Marcelo Bottaro as Newman

Additional voices by Patrick Edwards, Victoria Minchala and Jason Jurkiewicz

Intro theme by Patrick Edwards

Music by Cody McCorry, Matthew McCalvin, Jake Bowman, Vaginals, Patrick Mahan, and Ivar Bowitz 

Outro theme by Robert McDonald

"Move In" courtesy of Twinn

Recorded and edited by Jesse Brooks



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